Spokane Road Fix

There are quite a few road construction projects planned for the Spokane area this spring and summer. The construction projects mean potential traffic impacts.

We all want to keep our roadways smooth and in good condition. So what’s the solution to keeping traffic moving and minimizing delays and driver frustration?

Several local agencies involved in transportation have teamed up to help you get around more efficiently this construction season, and we think one solution is making sure you know which roadways will be under construction, as well as when and how to get around or through the construction areas.

The following agencies coordinated on this website in an effort to reduce congestion and driver stress this construction season:


2012 Spokane Regional Construction Map

The agencies above also partnered to produce the Spokane Regional Construction Map. It is a resource to help you avoid construction zones that could slow down your daily commute. Click on the map cover to view it full size and to find out where to pick up a free printed copy.



Alternate Driving Routes

If there is a construction project on your commute route, you may want to look for an alternate route to avoid delays on a daily basis. The governments that deal with transportation projects have developed suggested alternate routes. Click the map to view detour routes.


Other Ways of Getting Around

Another way to avoid getting stuck in traffic is to use alternate methods of getting around. Using public transit leaves the driving to someone else, saves money on gas, parking fees and upkeep of your vehicle, and improves the environment by cutting down on air pollution from additional cars on the road.  And less cars means less congestion.  Especially through areas already slowed by road construction.  So leave your car at home and give the bus a try.  To find a bus route that works for you, visit www.SpokaneTransit.com.

Spokane County’s Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program is a great resource for finding ways to get to work besides driving alone.  CTR encourages you to carpool, ride the bus, walk or bike to work.  If your employer offers, working from home or compressing your work schedule are other great options too. They also reward you for doing so! For more information on commute alternative options, the benefits of using commute alternatives and how to win prizes, go to www.mycommute.org.


There are an increasing amount of bicycle lanes, trails and other bicycle facilities available for use in the Spokane region, and most area streets are classified as shared use roadways for both bicycles and vehicles. If you would like to get around by bicycle, Spokane Regional Transportation Council has produced a Regional Bicycle Map that shows bike trails, lanes, and routes. You can find the bike map at www.srtc.org on the ‘Bicycle/Pedestrian Resources’ page.


If alternate transportation doesn't work for you and you have to drive to get to work or school, be sure to check the Spokane Regional Transportation Management Center web site at www.srtmc.org before you leave for your daily commute.  The site has over sixty live traffic cameras around the area you can check to make sure your route is clear.  There is also a map on the front page showing interruptions to normal traffic flow, whether caused by construction, traffic accidents or other incidents.


Road work can be disruptive to businesses located within construction zones. Business owners and managers located along the sites of planned construction projects within the City of Spokane are getting help dealing with construction from both the City and the Downtown Spokane Partnership. Click here for resources to keep your business thriving during road work and to find out how you can help local businesses survive the construction season.